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Your team will be working closely with us to identify issues and develop solutions that are practical, affordable, effective and competitive, and will learn from this experience. We offer hotel, restaurant consultancy services with an intensive focus on your customer experience, and can help you with your operational issues, your business development initiatives, and your market research needs:

Why Use a Hospitality Consultant?

  • Set time period for optimum results
  • No long term commitment
  • Independent evaluation
  • Allows full time management to perform their regular duties without interruption or added pressures.
  • Access to specific up to date skills and expertise
  • Achieving change quickly through a concerted burst of activity
  • Obtaining external, alternative views from a specialist who is independent of internal politics and culture

“Clique Resource Partners hired the services of Gaynor Hunter through Shape Hospitality as a consulting Project Manager from February 2014 through to October 2014. Gaynor’s role was to oversee the refurbishment of three student residences, one in Manchester, one in Huddersfield and the last in Wolverhampton.

As a consulting Project Manager Gaynor was tasked to oversee an extensive refurbishment of over 500 rooms spanning three locations. Her hospitality skills were invaluable in building relationships and bridging gaps amongst all stakeholders.

Gaynor initially began by compiling the project brief and conducting a comprehensive risk analysis then reviewing all bids and interviewing all contractors to determine if they had the requisite skills, reputation and manpower to deliver on an aggressive project that needed to be executed within an eight week time frame during the summer. It was essential that all the preparation and due diligence was in order before the project began and Miss Hunter more than delivered.

Miss Hunter brought a wealth of experience from her input to the overall design aesthetic, the selection of furniture and all soft goods, as well as ensuring all construction site managers and Health & Safety Auditors were in compliance, whilst ensuring that the Hall Managers were given the necessary support required during this stressful project.

Her ability to network, think on her feet and troubleshoot any unforeseen issues was an invaluable asset and made the difference in deadlines being achieved, budgets being met and staff feeling reassured throughout the process.

Gaynor is a real professional who works hard, goes above and beyond and even has the ability to make a difficult project fun for all concerned. I enjoyed working with Miss Hunter and recommend her skills, expertise and work ethic most highly.

— Tommy Cush