Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper Packages

Your establishment thrives on the experience it provides guests. Shape Hospitality provides insightful, actionable Mystery Shopper reports to help enhance the quality experience your establishment is able to provide. Our evaluators are hospitality experts who are able to drill down into service problems and draw up conclusive key recommendations, which you will be able to use to improve your customer service and satisfaction.


Restaurant Reporter

Looking to complement your customer service and overall reputation? This package offers you an all-inclusive proof in the pudding approach via detailed evaluation criteria from evaluators with insight in the industry.

Restaurant Reporter

3-Month/6 Mystery Shops

£750.00 Add to cart

6-Month/12 Mystery Shops

£1,500.00 Add to cart

12-Month/24 Mystery Shops

£3,000.00 Add to cart

Hotel Detective

When you want to enhance the experience and comfort you provide guests, you want to have it all. This package provides applicable evaluation criteria carried out by evaluators with insight in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Detective

3-Month/6 Mystery Shops

£1,050.00 Add to cart

6-Month/12 Mystery Shops

£2,100.00 Add to cart

12-Month/24 Mystery Shops

£4,200.00 Add to cart

Evaluation Criteria Covered of Your Restaurant or Hotel

1: Pre-Booking Experience

Determine if the staff and systems for handling reservations via telephone, internet and third-party providers such as Open Table are working seamlessly for your guests.

2: Design & Ambiance of the Establishment

Evaluate the overall vibe of the establishment, from the mood, lighting, and music for restaurants to the look and feel of your hotel. First impressions are important, and you want to know what your guests are thinking. Evaluators assess whether or not hotel suites provide guests with a feeling of comfort and safety.

3: Check-In Service

Determine the ease of checking in from a guest perspective. Evaluate the service from the lobby and attitude of staff members. Critique the service and friendliness of the porters from assisting with luggage and escorting guests to their rooms.

4: Hygiene & Cleanliness

Assess the overall cleanliness of your establishment, including bathrooms, tables, floors, as well as the personal grooming and uniform standards of your employees, ensuring health and safety compliance is being adhered to. Critique whether housekeeping adequately ensures that rooms are clean, and comfortable for guests at all times.

5: Menu & Product Placement

Appraise the menu for visual appeal and ease of reading. Evaluate if the food and beverage offerings are described to whet the appetite and if the price point appears competitive whilst offering value. Determine if the table is adequately featuring relevant promotional materials.

6: Food & Beverage Quality

Report on the presentation of the food and beverages ordered and determine if they meet menu expectations. Critique the offerings based upon flavor, temperature, appeal, portion size, perceived value and is served with appropriate condiments and is exactly what the guest ordered.

7: Steps of Service

Critique the flow of service, from the initial greeting, ease of ordering from appetizers to desserts and the general tempo of the service throughout the dining experience. Question the offerings to ascertain if staff are knowledgeable in accommodating dietary requests, and are confident using appropriate up-selling techniques. Determine if the billing is handled efficiently and concludes the dining experience with an invitation to return.

8: Employee Demeanour

Observe and report on staff demeanor and friendliness. Critique the level of engagement with the guests throughout the experience to ensure the brand is being represented in accordance with your standards and guests feel welcomed and catered to. Determine whether staff members are helpful, and provide valuable information to guests throughout their experience. Appraise the staff’s ability to deal with any problems that may arise.

9: Room Service

Critique the room service available to guests. Evaluate the efficiency orders are delivered to guests as well as the professionalism of the staff throughout the process, and that all items are adequately reflected in the guest portfolio.

10: Additional Services and Amenities

Evaluate additional facilities that may be offered on premises, such as a gym, swimming pool, and gift shop. Critique the experience these facilities offer guests and recommend possible ways to enhance the guest experience while frequenting these facilities.

11: Check-Out Process

Assess the ease of checking-out. Determine the efficiency of staff members during the process. Evaluate whether incidentals were accurately integrated into guests billing upon checking out. Critique the overall accuracy of the payment.

Mystery Shopper Package Details

Our evaluators have insight in the hospitality industry. This allows us to better determine patterns and ways in which to enhance the customer experience. In order to determine these patterns, it is required to evaluate your establishment over an extended period of time. That is the reason why each package entitles your establishment to two evaluator visits per month.

When Can You Expect the Shape Hospitality Mystery Shopper Report?

Once our evaluators have completed their shopping experience, we will set up a detailed report regarding the results of the evaluation. This report will be delivered to you within 48-hours of each shopping experience.

Billing and Reimbursement Costs

Prior to the shopping experience, we will discuss a reimbursement budget, which will include a gratuity. A separate invoice for the reimbursement costs will be issued along with the Shape Hospitality Mystery Shopper Report. This is to be paid within seven days.