Hospitality Coach

New Openings Consultancy

If your hotel or restaurant’s opening or turnaround is starting to feel like a daunting and overwhelming amount of work for you and your team it’s time to call in a coach. We promise that a task that might sound awful to you actually sounds fun to us, as we thrive on the challenge of crafting an impeccable experience for your guests. We relish the opportunity to be a part of seeing your vision for your hotel or restaurant come to life.

Make sure your new opening is the special moment it can be with premier coaching from Shape Hospitality. We all know that the customer always comes first, but before you welcome that first customer a foundation of the best business practices needs to be in place.

Your consultation will connect you with an industry expert who can ensure that you are up-to-date on all the latest industry trends, from branding and social media strategies, training to improve customer service and strategies to develop your operational efficiency

If you are looking for someone who will tell you that you’re doing a great job and pat you on the back, we’ll be honest with you: Shape Hospitality is probably not the right fit for you. But if you’re looking for professionals who have a keen eye for protecting your bottom line whilst challenging you with feedback, expertise and knowledge to help you craft an exquisite customer, experience, you’re in business.

Turnaround Consultancy

Perhaps your hotel or restaurant is not exactly living up to its potential and bleeding profits or losing employees faster than your guests can say, “Check, please?” It may be time for a total turnaround.

Think of your hotel or restaurant’s turnaround as a chance to re-invent yourself, a chance to start fresh or an opportunity to go from your ugly duckling phase to the beautiful swan you know you’ve always been.

Your Turnaround Consultation with Shape Hospitality is a boot camp for floundering hotels or restaurants in need of a little (or a lot of) shape-up. A turnaround consultancy package with Shape Hospitality will provide you with necessary help, advice and experience to restore your hotel or restaurant to its full potential.

With a hospitality coach at your side, the hotel or restaurant experience you deliver will still be yours. We’ll just be here to help you shape it.

When you schedule a consultation with your Shape Hospitality Coach, here’s what areas you can expect to discuss.

  • Concept Creation
  • Branding & Design Services
  • Menus, Wines & Bar Lists
  • Hiring & Interviewing Assistance
  • Food Development & Recipes
  • Defining Quality Standards
  • Team Training & Workshops
  • Overview of your Departmental Organizing
  • Review of Suppliers & Purchasing
  • Learning and Development Strategy
  • Marketing Plan Evaluation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Repositioning Strategy
  • Management & Leadership Training




The Discovery Package allows us to spend some time in your business and understand your systems and procedures and recommend changes and offer advice and support.

  • 1 Day Per Month
  • 2 (45min) Support Calls
  • 2 Support Guidance & Advice Emails
  • Monthly Report With Recommendations
  • Minimum 3 Months


£550.00 Add to cart


The Coach Package includes team training on areas that require improvement and helps to establish quality standards whilst offering support and guidance to keep you on track.

  • 2 Days Per Month
  • Includes ½ Day Team Training
  • Includes ½ Day Team Observation & Feedback
  • Includes 1 Day Customized Leadership Coaching
  • 2 (45 Min Support Calls)
  • Support Guidance & Advice Emails
  • Monthly Report With Recommendations
  • Minimum 3 Months


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The Culture Package allows us to create the right team chemistry working alongside an additional key member of your team additional key.

  • 3 Days Per Month
  • Includes 1 Day Team Training
  • Includes 1 Day Customized Leadership Coaching
  • 3 ( 45 Min Support Calls)
  • Support Guidance and Advice Emails
  • Includes 1 Day Key Team Member Training
  • Monthly Report with Recommendations
  • Minimum 3 Months


£1,750.00 Add to cart


The Success Package offers unlimited support, team training and allows us to manage your customer engagement and reputation on two of your social media platforms.

  • 4 Days Per Month
  • Includes 1 Day Team Training
  • Unlimited Support Guidance & Advice
  • Unlimited Scheduled Phone Support
  • Includes 1 Day Working Alongside You and Your Team
  • Includes 1 Day Customized Leadership Coaching
  • Includes 1 Day Key Team Member Training
  • Includes Management & Content Creation of 2 Social Media Platforms
  • Monthly Report With Recommendations
  • Minimum 3 Months


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