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The Shape Content Club

Here at Shape, we want to help all hospitality businesses transform their online and offline marketing efforts, no matter their size or budget. If you need help in the tricky business of marketing but your budget won’t stretch to full consultancy services, or you just want to learn the tricks of the trade yourself, we have a solution for you, available completely free of charge: the Shape Content Club.

To join the club, just sign up with your email address. You’ll receive free emails every two months providing hints, tips, guides and ideas to help you promote your business, grow your audience, engage with your customers, hone your branding, and – most importantly – bring in more customers who’ll spend more money, keep coming back and tell their friends.

Your Content Club emails will help you out with the following:

Social Media

Why is copy and pasting the same post and publishing it across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a very bad idea? What are the best times of day to post ensure optimal engagement? Who are the different audiences you need to be communicating with on each social media platform? Which is the best Instagram filter to use to accentuate the tenderness of your new steak? Join the Content Club and the confusing world of social media will be broken down for you in simple terms, with actionable recommendations that any business can apply straight away.

Marketing Ideas

What’s happening in the world of hospitality that you need to be posting about? Which marketing opportunities are coming up that your business could be capitalising upon? Every 60 days, you’ll get updates on upcoming events and ideas to ensure you’re tapping into the buzz around them, whether it’s recommending unusual ways to celebrate Easter at your business or just letting you know that the little-known Bramley Apple Pie Week is coming up with exclusive access to our Food & Beverage Content Calendar.

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