Mystery Shopper Analysis

In the hospitality niche, customer experience is what keeps the world spinning. In your restaurant, it comes down to the quality of food, service and other psychology tricks. However, the same principles apply to those who frequent your various hotel rooms. This is where you need a mystery shopper agency, such as Shape Hospitality.

What Is A Mystery Shopper Analysis

Many of those who first hear the term “mystery shopper” automatically jump to the thoughts of secrecy, perhaps even thoughts of James Bond come to mind. Ironically, when you think of a mystery shopper agency you wouldn’t be that far off. Shape Hospitality will perform a full-scale review on everything a customer experiences. Of course, while the review is taking place – you will have no clue about it.

Through performing a mystery shopper analysis, you will be able to shore up on your strong points and identify any potential weak links throughout the customer’s leisure experience. So, now that you know what a mystery shopper analysis is – shall we proceed to the “why” it can help your business?

The Impact A Mystery Shopper Analysis Will Have On Your Customers Experience

Shape Hospitality is a mystery shopper agency that ensures that no stone is unturned throughout the entire process. We review what our team experiences when it comes to employee engagement, service, as well as overall customer satisfaction. Of course, we don’t just stop there.

Our surveys are designed to be thorough to help ensure that you can vastly improve the overall experience a customer has from the moment they step foot through your doors. This is why we take extensive measures to replicate your day-to-day customers, as well with potential problems that may arise.

From The Difficult Customer To A Blissful Experience

A prime example of this would be a “difficult customer”. We will purposely pose a problem, or request specific staff members in order to gauge the reaction of staff throughout the experience.

If you are looking to provide that once-in-a-lifetime feel to your restaurant or hotel, then Shape Hospitality strongly recommends a mystery shopper agency analysis. From our experience alone, we cannot emphasize the positive impact it has on both the engagement of your employees as well as the experience of your customers straight down to their first impressions.

A mystery shopper analysis, in general, is one of the most powerful tools anyone in the hospitality niche has at their disposal. It helps to revolutionize the customer’s experience.

What Shape Hospitality Offers Throughout Our Analysis

  • High-end surveys engineered to create the best actionable results for either a hotel or restaurant.
  • Extensive shopper expertise. Prior to any shopper being allowed to enter into the program, we train them extensively in various techniques. This helps to ensure in-depth and accurate results from the analysis.
  • Top-Notch 100% completion rate devoid of excuses. Shape Hospitality firmly believes in completing a service that we are hired for, which is why we guarantee a 100% completion rate.

What We Evaluate Throughout A Restaurant Experience

  • The first-impression / service from the moment we enter the restaurant.
  • The service as we take our seat.
  • Period of time it takes to receive orders.
  • The quality of food.
  • Overall service throughout the process.
  • Employee engagement and service when we replicate being a “difficult customer”.

What We Evaluate Throughout A Hotel Experience

  • Check-In Experience – When it comes to hospitality its not always service, but also a design that plays a large impact on a customers experience.
  • Restaurant Evaluation – Does your hotel have a restaurant, if so – we will perform the above-mentioned analysis.
  • Room-Service – From the time it takes for room service to arrive, to the simplicity of the ordering process.
  • How efficient are the house-keeping staff? Housekeeping can be annoying to some customers. It is important to ensure that the staff are not overbearing.
  • How smoothly did the check-out process go?

Regardless of whether you are investing in the improvement of your hotel or restaurant, if you want to evolve your customer experience, a mystery shopper analysis is the best way to go about it.

You want your customers experience in the diner or stay in the hotel to be as memorable as possible. Customer experience and satisfaction are the two-stepping stones that can place you high above even the most threatening competitors.

Shape hospitality would like to be the mystery shopper agency to help you develop your services, straight from when the customer first walks in through the front doors all the way to the bill or check-out process. Simply reach out to our contact us page or purchase one of our mystery shopper packages! We look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to know more about the Shape Hospitality team – feel free to reach out to us over here.

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