6 Reasons Your Hotel Needs a Niche

Recently I was asked to write a guest blog post for prominent direct bookings website called Boostly. The topic was about creating a market in a hotel for niche guests.

I tackled the post directives and delivered a piece titled “6 Reasons Your Hotel Needs a Niche” where I dive into topics about why hoteliers need to seriously think about niche markets.


I covered how to identify a niche market the hotel is (or could easily be) set up to manage. Further, I went on to discuss not only how to consider your ideal location, but how to look at what your location already gives you.

Internal and external atmospheres lend to different niche clients. Hoteliers should learn to recognize what they have and the potential their space has for future plans.

The guest blog went on to not only imagine your niche guests but to identify them. Where to look and how to approach them to get them to become guests in the hotel is not always easy. Here I talked about how to take guest bookings from an idea to a full sign in log.

Lastly, the guest blog discussed how to interact with the niche guests on social networks and other forms of communication. Thus allowing for word of mouth as well as interactions to occur. This will only result in more guests in the future.

You can read the guest blog in its entirety by visiting boostly.co.uk

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